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Private label development is our core business. Over 200 chain stores and retailers in more than 90 countries rely on Poelman for their private label woman’s shoes. Our main goal is to create profitable collections that strengthen our customers’ image.

Poelman is constantly evaluating the latest trends and pushing limits in design and manufacturing. An international team of around 100 shoe creators is specialized in both boutique-level designs in high quality leather and beautiful and affordable shoes made with premium synthetic leather. Our wide variety in production locations makes it easy to fulfill both limited edition and high volume needs.

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Our basic rules in private label development:


Dutch craftsmanship has a long history of global recognition. The characteristics are a sense of refinement, eye for detail and a great respect for design. From the famous wooden shoes to designer pumps that fit like a glove. People from all over the world have always relied on the best products made with care.


Every year millions of people from around the globe visit Amsterdam to experience the rich heritage of the Dutch painters and artist. The dutch creativity combined with entrepreneurship, integrity and efficiency gave the Dutch a prominent place in many industrial sectors.

The Dutch knew very early that in order to succeed you have to adapt to your surroundings. As a country with most of its land below sea level it had to defend itself against the water. Instead of seeing it as a problem, they used it to for transportation and became one of the biggest business junctions of the world.

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